Orientalism: A Bibliography

Last Updated: February 2019

The purpose of this bibliography is to provide users with a wide variety of sources concerning the scholarly notion of Orientalism. It includes both ground-breaking, major studies and examples of the many different uses to which the concept of Orientalism has been put. While the study of Orientalism has indistinct boundaries and shades into other fields of study, especially postcolonial studies, this bibliography only contains sources that are entirely or primarily concerned with Orientalism.

The original version of this bibliography grew out of my research into the history of Protestant missions and churches in Thailand and was first posted on herbswanson.com in 2004. Although a large number of new entries have been added, this bibliography remains a work in progress. It is divided into two sections: Books and Articles immediately below and Reviews of Said's Orientalism following.

Herb Swanson
April 2017

Note: in this bibliography, the Arabic prefixes "al-" and "Al-" are always alphabetized under the main part of the name.

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Books and Articles


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